Information about the District required by Section 26.18, Texas Tax Code, created by Senate Bill 2 (also known as the Texas Property Tax Reform and Transparency Act of 2019), is available below:

Section 26.18, Texas Tax Code

Name of the District

(Section 2051.202)

Harris County Municipal District No. 222

Name and Term of Office for Each Board Member

(HB 305, Section 2051.202)

Teague G. Harris, P.E., President (Term: 5/7/2022 – 5/2/2026)
Charles D. “Dale” Kelley, Vice President (Term: 5/7/2022 – 5/2/2026)
Ronald Chapman, Secretary / Treasurer (Term: 5/7/2022 – 5/2/2026)
Michael Patrick, Assistant Vice President (Term: 5/2/2020 – 5/4/2024)
Chris J. Gallagher, Assistant Secretary (Term: 5/2/2020 – 5/4/2024)

Contact Information for Main Office of District (Mailing and Physical Address, and Phone Number)

(HB 305, Section 2051.202)

3200 Southwest Freeway, Suite 2600, Houston, Texas 77027
(713) 860-6400

Official Contact Information for Each Board Member

(Section 2051.202)

To contact the board, please click here or send an email to

If Applicable, Name of the General Manager

(Section 2051.202)


The Name of the Person Representing the Operator, Including a Mailing Address and Telephone Number

(Section 2051.202)

Municipal Operations & Consulting, Inc.
1825 N. Mason Road, Katy, Texas 77449
(281) 347-8686

The Name of the Person Representing the Tax Assessor/Collector, Including Mailing Address and Telephone Number

(Section 2051.202)

Tax Tech, Inc.
12841 Capricorn Street, Stafford, Texas 77477
(281) 499-1223

The Rate of the Ad Valorem Tax

(Section 2051.202)
  • 2023: $0.25

Tax Rate Worksheets

If Applicable, the Sales and Use Tax Rate

(Section 2051.202)
  • N/A

Any Tax Rate Hearing Notice

(Section 2051.202)
  • Notices of Public Hearing on Tax Rate

Location and Schedule of Meeting of the District

(Section 2051.202)

The district generally meets on the 3rd Thursday at 11:30 a.m. at the Wortham Village Clubhouse, 10911 Wortham Blvd, Houston, Texas 77065. Specific meeting date, time, and location is included on meeting agendas.

A Statement that the Residents Have a Right to Request a Designation of a Meeting Location Within the District

(Section 2051.202)

Residents of the District have the right to request the designation of a meeting location within the District under Section 49.062(g), Water Code. A description of this process can be found at

Each Meeting Notice and Minutes of Meetings for the Current Year and the Preceding 12 Months

(HB 305, Section 2051.202)

Information about the District’s agenda and minutes are available by clicking on this link.

Budget Information

(Section 26.18)

The taxing unit’s budget for the preceding two years:

The taxing unit’s proposed or adopted budget for the current year:

The change in the amount of the taxing unit’s budget from the preceding year to the current year:

  • Income: $191,000; 5.19%
  • Expenses: $159,800; 3.86%

The amount of property tax revenue budgeted for maintenance and operations for the preceding two years and current year:

  • 2022: $1,111,000
  • 2023: $1,250,000
  • 2024: $1,378,000

The amount of property tax revenue budgeted for debt service for the preceding two years and current year:

  • See approved budgets.